Outdoors Expert

Over 20 years of professional textiles and outdoors industry export experience and has huge supplied outdoors products like Vinyl, Inflatables, Tents, Air tents, Water games, Flexible tanks, Water bags, Pools, Oil booms etc. to all over the world!


We are producing the highest quality and largest selection inflatable units in the industry to all over the world.

Air Tents

It is kind of airtight tube structure with single or multiple function connection buildings in rapid deployment.

Flexible Tanks

We supplied a professional solutions of multiple purpose fluid storage bag, bracket pool, oil boom flood Barrier.

The most popular in year special:

Family’s happy hours

Now it is the time to go out with your lovers, families and friends. Here is the new way to build tent easily and fast with air pump.

Sport’s time

Do something for your body, happy sport’s time with our excellent air tract whatever in the outside or at home.